Another Good Thing

A few days ago I posted about Mpix photo ornaments. Today I am posting about another Good Thing. It’s the Gorillapod by Joby. This tiny little bendable tripod goes anywhere and hangs on most anything to support your small camcorder or camera in low light situations when you really need it. Or, just wrap it around a tree limb and jump in the picture with your family instead of always being the one behind the camera! They come in several different sizes…even one to support your larger and heavier SLR!

This year I am going to set up my handy new Kodak Playsport (waterproof too!) pocket camcorder on the Gorillapod somewhere in the room (maybe even hanging off a lamp shade) on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to capture my entire family enjoying Christmas…the conversations, the laughter, the excitement and squeals of the children…everything! Another reason capturing Christmas in this way will be special is that 3 of my grandparents are still with us to make Christmas memories with their great grandchildren! Precious! We are thankful and blessed.

Here’s a link to the Gorillapod on Best Buy. I chose Best Buy instead of a link to a photography supply store because you might want to just run out and pick one up instead of having to pay extra shipping to get it here by Christmas. I’m also including a picture of the handy little gadget! The small one to work with pocket cameras and camcorders is $39.99. The large one to work with SLR cameras is $79.99.

This year enjoy being IN a few memories instead of just on the sidelines capturing them!

Click here to check out the Gorillapod at Best Buy.


Added to this post on 12-27:

Here was my setup for Christmas Eve. It worked great! I was able to capture the kids opening gifts (with great grandparents looking on) without having to hold the video camera. Was able to enjoy watching them open and snap a few pictures with my DSLR.



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