To say my kids are tired of me taking pictures of them is a serious understatement! Since birth they have been my favorite subjects as well as my “test subjects”. I always experiment new photographic techniques, posing and locations with them! Needless to say after all these years, they are not always excited about a session with Mom, but they love me so they humor me…for a little while. My friend Chuck St. John, who is a commercial photographer, has a horse ranch in Chelsea. I’ve been out there a few times and it’s just so relaxing, quiet and peaceful! Not to mention how much I love barns! So, in October I asked him if I could take my kids out there to snap a few shots for our Christmas card. My sister in law, Nikki, came along to help and brought my niece, Ella, and nephew, Andrew, so we could get a few shots of the cousins together for my Mom and Dad.

Exploring a horse ranch, cousins to play with and horses to pet…well let’s put it this way, I was NOT the most exciting thing there to hold their interest so I had to work as fast as possible in each location.

I promised I would post a few bloopers from my Christmas card session with my kids, so here they are. Most of them are bloopers because of my free-spirited 4 year old, Luke, who likes to make a little trouble for some laughs. I love the little stinker!

Lighting was bad, wind was bad and Luke was more interested in being a monkey and climbing on the fence than he was looking at the camera!
Luke is covering his ears because I was singing. I guess that means I need to keep my day job!
This isn't really a blooper except for the fact that Taco, one of Chuck's horses, kept wanting to visit as I was shooting. 🙂
Not a blooper either, just liked this one of the cousins. They have such sweet relationships with each other.

These last two images didn’t make the cut for the card, but were 1st and 2nd runners up. Luke wins Mr. Congeniality for this session, because even though he did some cutting up, overall he gave his momma what I needed. 🙂

1st runner up
2nd runner up

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