City Slicker

I spent last weekend in the mountains of Tennessee. It was a much needed getaway, without kids, to just relax and recharge my batteries for these last few weeks before Christmas. This city girl loves to head to the country every now and then. It’s so peaceful and a good opportunity to validate my cowboy boots! While driving around, I kept seeing old weathered barns spotting the countryside like little postage stamps. You guys know I love old barns and the way the elements have given them so much character. The mountains rose majestically behind these, and the trees (the ones that still had leaves left on them) were in full color! So as soon as we got back to the cabin and there was the first indication of down time, I grabbed my camera and headed down the mountain to the valley to capture some of these wonderful old barns. The first afternoon I went alone and let myself in a few gates, dodging cow patties and hoping the big black bulls grazing in the pasture didn’t start charging my way. I knew Brad wouldn’t let me take that risk if he was with me, but it was the only way I could get the right light and angle on the shots! The next afternoon Brad went with me so I had to quit trespassing and behave. Both afternoons I went at sunset and the light was amazing!

Here are a few of the barns and other “structures” that caught my eye before dark.

Wish this old abandoned garage was in Birmingham! What a great spot for photographing children and families! Love the fun colors!
I really don't know what to say about this one, other than "Huh?"

This turkey (a hen) was hanging out inside this barn. She was really nervous and I had to sneak up on her just to get the shot. Brad wasn't with me, so I had to take this and show him what he missed since he's a big turkey hunter!
Liked the rusty old equipment parked inside this one.
My cute hubby was my assistant for the afternoon…cheap labor!
Our guide took this shot while we were horseback riding. Proof that I have a little country in me…just don't ask me to camp out! 🙂

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