The Tucker Family

It was a dreary, gray day and had been raining that morning, but as I kept checking the weather it looked like it was going to clear up in the afternoon for my session with the Tucker Family. With no availability to reschedule before Christmas, we decided to keep the session and hope that the little bit of filtered light peeking through the clouds would hang on for us!

Amanda Tucker won the location contest I had a few months back. She found this cute little abandoned church building in Calera covered in white chipped and peeling paint. I go to lots of scenic locations to photograph families, but sometimes it’s nice to get back to using some crisp, clean white without having to be in a studio. White allows for there to be no distractions and the focus of the image to just be the child. And you guys know that I’m not into a lot of props and distractions. Plus, white turned out to be exactly what we needed on a day like that! I love that when you photograph people against white, the natural light bounces around and reflects beautifully on their faces…especially helpful on a day when you have very little light to begin with! When we arrived at the church building, we discovered most of the trees that blocked some unsightly things across the street had been cut back. I wish we had been able to get inside and open those doors to get some really creative shots, but it was locked. I had very little angle room to work with outside, but I grabbed my camera, gathering all the light I could with it, and started shooting. Bring on a good challenge!

The Tuckers are super nice people and their children were lots of fun! Hopefully we fooled you into thinking it was a sunny fall day! 🙂

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  1. Heather… sweet pictures! Great-looking family and I love the white background of the peeling paint – also someone put a lot of work into the handmade crocheted afghan… wonderful.
    Great photos, Heather!

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