Loretta Goodwin Gallery – Dirk Walker Show

The Loretta Goodwin Gallery has been one of my graphic design clients for years. Dirk Walker, the owner, and the people that work in the gallery are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are just a pleasure to work with. In addition to being the owner of the gallery, Dirk is a very gifted artist. Last night was his one man show at the gallery featuring his beautiful paintings. Some of my very favorites are his Biblical perspectives including the Feeding of the Five Thousand and The Ark. You will see some of his work throughout the gallery in the pictures below. It’s truly amazing! I’m so jealous of anyone who can paint!

Brad and I attended the event sponsored by B Metro magazine and the catering was delicious; but since we were in the Lakeview District, we saved room to head over to Cantina afterwards for my favorite fish tacos! When you have a babysitter and a date night during the week you have to make the most of it! 🙂

Here are some images from Dirk’s show…

Sweets by Magnolia Chocolates
Chef Corey Hinkle of Yellow Moon Cheese Co.

Dirk (center) with some special guests of the aTeam ministries organization. Visit their website at ateamministries.org to learn more about their work with pediatric cancer patients and their families at Children's Hospital

Dirk and my favorite painting for this show of Jesus feeding the five thousand.

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  1. Debbie Bartoletti Avatar
    Debbie Bartoletti

    Heather-your photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for coming to the show and covering the event. I wanted to see if there was any way that I could get a copy of the photo with Lindsey, her parents, Dirk & Andy & Jan? I would love to give them a copy if possible.

    Thank you again for everything. I will let you know when our next sessions are scheduled and confirmed. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


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