American Girl store, Atlanta

I had a photo shoot near Atlanta this weekend, so I surprised my 7 year old daughter and took her with me so we could go to the American Girl store while we were there. A lot of you Moms have already experienced this with your daughter(s); but for those of you who haven’t, I decided to blog about the memorable experience and hopefully pass along a few helpful tips that some of my friends shared with me before our visit.

I highly recommend dining at Maggianno’s Italian restaurant in Buckhead on Peachtree RD NE or Cumberland Mall on your trip. The food is delicious and the service very good. It’s a restaurant chain and usually I like local flavor when I travel, but I’ve been eating there for years and think it’s a must when I’m in Atlanta. Plus, it’s always best when “I’ll take the huge, crazy portion size bowl of pasta” is followed by “I’m on vacation!”

The best tip my friend Pam gave me was the American Girl package at the Marriott Atlanta-Alpharetta

American Girl Store package includes:

• Deluxe accommodations for one weekend night
• Breakfast in Vidalia’s Restaurant included (special dining area was done in pink tablecloths)
• American Girl doll bed (yours to keep!) – limit one per stay
• Cookies and milk delivered to your room (for the doll too!)
• VIG card keepsake valid for a free dessert or snack in the hotel gift shop

American Girl Store Deluxe package includes the above plus:

• Deluxe American Girl hotel room complete with pink duvet and pink towels
• Matching American Girl robes* for girl and her doll to use during hotel stay

I chose the Deluxe package which was just a little more (maybe $30) than the standard package and worth every penny in my opinion. To see the look on my daughter’s face when she walked in the room and the beds were all made up in pink was priceless! There’s also an indoor pool. We didn’t have time to enjoy it this trip, but that’s another fun “treat” when you stay at this hotel. I’ll also mention that the staff was VERY friendly and treated Olivia like a very special guest!

Here are a few quick snapshots and comments from our trip I thought I would share with you…I admit I forgot to take a photo of the hair salon, but it’s an area in the store where they will do your doll’s hair any way you choose for $20. We passed on that service because I guess, just like Olivia, her doll Chrissa doesn’t like anything in her hair and just wants it down. 🙂

The absolute best thing about this trip, though, was being able to just slow down and have some one-on-one time with my daughter! More and more each day I am realizing how quickly she is growing up and I get to spend less time with her as school and activities get busier. Even though our physical destination was the American Girl store, my actual destination was sitting right beside me all along.

The special check in spot for girls and their dolls
They give the girls a sucker and a AG special gift card for a treat at the restaurant or gift shop
With the Deluxe package, the room is all decorated in pink...beds, alarm clock and even the trash cans! 🙂

With the Deluxe package girls and their dolls get to wear matching white terry robes with the American Girl star on the back
Milk and star shaped sugar cookies with pink sprinkles are delivered to your daughter and her doll in your room!
After a yummy breakfast (included) it was time to load the cart and head to the AG store!
American Girl store at the North Point Mall in Alpharetta
There was so much to look at! The displays included all of the accessories to go with the dolls.
Found a shirt she wanted to match the doll on her Christmas wish list.

American Girl Bistro Bar - dine in for a meal or just get a dessert. It's best to get reservations in advance. We had to wait a little over an hour for a seat, but they told us it would be 2!

Waiting to be seated in the Bistro and circling items in the catalog for her Christmas wish list
...LOTS of Christmas ideas. I was told Santa doesn't need money so price doesn't matter. I quickly cleared up that confusion.
Finally seated and deciding what to order
There's even a special seat for your doll right beside you!
A root beer float...of course!
Olivia and Chrissa (doll of the year 2009)

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  1. What a happy experience for Olivia – and her Mom… thanks, Heather, for sharing.

    Loved seeing both of you – Olivia is amazing and we enjoyed spending time with her – and we ALWAYS love to see you too!

    Much love,

  2. You could get one room with two doubles. Click on the Marriott link above and you can check out specific reservation pricing. Or give them a call. There are special events going on Jan 1st and 2nd in the store when they debut the new Doll of the Year!

  3. LOVE IT! Im going this weekend with my two girls… learning of your experience has helped BIG time since this is our first trip. I also found AG hotel friendly around the corner and your photos (not only gave me good ideas) but helped me understand what the clerk was talking about! Thanks!!!

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