A morning at The Loretta Goodwin Gallery

The Loretta Goodwin Gallery has been one of my graphic design clients for years and the people I work with there make it such a pleasure! They are so much fun and just all around really nice people. Last week the owner, Dirk Walker, asked me to come down to the gallery and take a few shots of him and another artist, Linda Ellen Price, for upcoming show invitations. I love going down to the gallery and looking at all of the new artwork hanging. Sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate on talking to them because I just want to stare at the beautiful paintings!

Dirk is also a very talented artist, in addition to owning the gallery. The day I was there he showed me a painting he has been working on of Jesus feeding the five thousand. It is truly an incredible piece of work! You will see it in the photo of him painting below. He just came back from an artist event in Idaho and was inspired by his trip, so I can’t wait to see what is yet to come in the next few months as he paints for his show in November.

Getting to meet Linda Ellen Price for the first time was a real treat because I’ve always admired her work. She does oil paintings of figures and street scenes as well as portraits. If fact, some of you may even own one of her portraits if you have had your child’s oil portrait done through Portrait Brokers of America. I asked her how she got starting painting and she begin to tell me this fascinating story of how one teacher in fifth grade took the wind from underneath her feet and then much later in life another teacher gave her some small words of encouragement which gave her wings to soar towards becoming an artist! Sometimes all you need is just a few words of encouragement to follow your dreams…a good reminder to all of us parents and teachers.

I told them both I was completely jealous of their abilities to draw and paint. I can’t even draw stick people well! Their talent is such a gift and it amazes me. When I get to heaven one day, I hope to be able to paint!

If you are in the market for fine art, visit The Loretta Goodwin Gallery online at http://www.lorettagoodwingallery.net/or stop by the gallery and browse around. They are located at 605 28th Street South in the Lakeview district of Birmingham.

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