October Glory

“Now’s the time when children’s noses
All become as red as roses
And the colour of their faces
Makes me think of orchard places
Where the juicy apples grow,
And tomatoes in a row.”

—  Katherine Mansfield, Autumn Song

I love the month of October! It’s one of my very favorite months of the year! The air finally starts to feel a little crisp, autumn color begins to show it’s glory, the leaves begin to fall and my kids slide down into a big pile of them in our backyard, pumpkin patches pop up everywhere, football season is in full swing, people meander around the Bluff Park Art Show under the trees, we take our kids on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and I celebrate the gift of another birthday with friends and family.

I have driven by a local fresh market a few times recently and wished I had my camera with me. I love everything about the way this little neighborhood market looks. So, a few days ago when I had my camera in the car, I headed that way. It was late in the day and I didn’t have much light left, but wanted to snap a few anyway. The market was already closed so I’ll have to go back another time when their burlap lined, bright red trimmed windows are pushed open to the breezes. Pumpkins in all colors, shapes and sizes were everywhere! I immediately thought of my sweet mother-in-law who loves pumpkins…especially the ones with really long funky stems! 🙂

Here are a few of the quick shots I took. I’m sure I will be back…

Oh! I almost forgot one of my favorite joys of October…

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