Tip: Collage it!

I haven’t posted a tip in a while, so here’s one for September…

I love finding new tricks, toys and tools online! There is so much to be found out there, but my problem is having time to search them out. I ran across one tonight that is so much fun and a great little find for school projects, scrapbooking and to give as gifts. It’s called Shape Collage and it’s super easy. You just download the free application, drag your photos in and it automatically creates the collage while you watch. You can make adjustments to it and even do a collage out of letters or in a shape! How fun is that?! For the techy people out there, you can save it as a Photoshop layered file and make adjustments to the positioning and rotating yourself to make it even more custom. I’m posting samples I did in less than 5 minutes without any Photoshop. The images still have the Shape Collage watermark on it until I download the Pro version which is $25 for personal use and $45 for commercial use. So worth it in my opinion! Here are the samples and a link to the download. Have fun collaging!


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