Good times at the lake with the Days

Last weekend our dear friends The Days, invited us to their family’s house on Lake Martin. We were so excited to get out of town for “one last hoorah” before school starts! It was a great weekend to be on the water and we made some fun memories with our kids. I love it when there is a chance to get away from the routine busyness of life and just soak up our kids without distractions! I think the best part about the weekend was being “unplugged” from computers and cell phones since there wasn’t very good signal. I know I completely depend on mine, but I also appreciate the chance to get away from it all for a short while. I might have been able to put down my phone, but putting down my camera…well, you guys know me better than that! Here are a few shots of our good times with Jennifer and J. Frank and their kids last weekend…

Luke practiced casting off the dock and boat all weekend! He had a weight on the end of his line until his dad went and bought crickets and worms.
The crickets were super interesting to watch! What wasn't so interesting was when the crickets got knocked over in the pontoon boat and we had them scurrying around at our feet!
Luke was so excited to catch his very first fish!!
I love porches! They hold such beautiful, magical light!

The hammocks were a big hit with the kids!

Trying out his sister's sunglasses

Boat rides turned into naptime!
The Day family

Things got a little rowdy before bedtime! ๐Ÿ™‚

I handed over the camera to jump in a shot with my family! Thanks Jen!

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  1. Heather these shots are so captivating. They look like they should be in a magazine. It’s fun seeing you with your family at the end. I am photo inspired by you.

  2. Well, I am teary-eyed… Heather, thank you, your photos are beautiful… you captured them perfectly… and I am so happy.

    I’m so happy you were able to spend the weekend at the lake… there is nothing like it for fun time with your family. I always enjoy the pictures you take of your family and these were great too… Olivia and Luke are getting bigger so quickly… I’ve always liked Olivia’s hair but these photos show off Luke’s beautiful hair too… amazing.

    Hope you have AC at work today! Dom was without AC in her office for about two weeks – had to wait for a part. :-(((

    Love, Sandee

    1. Sandee,

      We had such a good time! Thanks for your compliment on Luke’s hair because I had just gotten it cut on Thursday and the lady butchered it! It’s never been this short. I was so sad! Thankfully it grows fast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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