Callaway Gardens trip last weekend…

The kids and I took a little trip with my mom to Callaway Gardens last weekend. “Nana” wanted a trip with her daughter and grandchildren before school starts back again. We had a great time riding bikes, touring the gardens and the butterfly center, swimming in the pool at the lodge and spa and just relaxing! It was so nice to not be on any schedules! Here are a few shots from our weekend getaway…

Oh! And maybe you’ve noticed that my blog looks a little different! I’m launching a new “look”, sticking with the same clean and simple dark gray background that I also use on my website…a dark gray gives the eye a place to rest when looking at images that have lots of color. This new blog format also allows me to upload my images larger so you can see more detail. There are a few things I am still “tweaking”, but I hope you will agree it’s a welcomed change! Thanks for taking the time to visit!

My Mom and my daughter have always shared a special bond.
One night we ate at The Gardens Restaurant that overlooked the golf course and some really neat bridges that were lit at night.

Luke liked chasing the geese. Everyone eating out on the balcony of the restaurant was entertained.
Mom looked up at the sky one night and said she wondered if it would look like that one day when the Lord returned. I’m not sure I captured all of its glory, but it was truly breathtaking.
The children were most excited about the Butterfly Center. There were over 1,000 species represented!

These were the most interesting species! 🙂
We went to the old chapel nestled in the woods and happened to make it just in time for the organ performance. The arched stained glass windows had a very unique pattern.

Mr. Cason's Vegetable (and flower) Garden was amazing. I wish my backyard looked like that! Olivia brought along her Nikon D70 so she could shoot too! (We're still working on her not carrying it like a purse! 🙂 )

My kids with their "Nana"
On a country road on the way home, just outside of West Point, Georgia, a neat little building on the side of the road caught my eye. So, I put the car in reverse and grabbed my camera. From what I could tell, it used to be an old gas station that someone has turned into their “home”. Even though the front doors had a padlock on them, I could tell by the updated curtains and the furniture on the back screened porch (and the satellite dish) that it was lived in. I just had to snap a few shots of it! So, if any of you happen to have the scoop on this little place, let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Wow! That has to be some of your best work ever. I sure hope you’re planning on selling some of those. The only word that even comes to mind is “breathtaking.” I’m not kidding, Heather. I look at your blog all the time and they’re always beautiful, but these are just absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love em all but my fave is the gas station/home… love the blues and colors…
    Awesome job on em all!

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