A surprise 60th birthday party!

My friend Jan, whom I’ve known for a very long time, asked me to photograph the surprise party that she, her dad and her siblings were throwing for her Mom’s 60th birthday. Even though I don’t do many events, I agreed and I’m so very glad I did! What a fun party with so many friends, wonderful food and lots of dancing — one I know Jan’s mom will remember with a smile for years to come! I had the best time watching everyone have the best time! I’m still going through all of the shots that were taken, but thought I would go ahead and share a few…mainly so Jan can share them with her mom while she waits on the rest to be edited.

There’s lots of pictures of the adults, but it’s quite obvious I’m still moved to photograph the precious children!

A few of the granddaughters were waiting right by the door! They couldn't wait for "Bebe" to get there!
I think "Bebe" was definitely surprised!
This photo cracks me up because the grandkids were watching the dance floor like they were the dancing police! Make a bad move and they'll write you a ticket!

And there were definitely some moves! Everyone was gettin jiggy wit it! 🙂

There was even the electric slide!

3 thoughts on “A surprise 60th birthday party!

  1. Wow, Heather… what a fun party. Jennifer is going to be sorry she missed this one (J. Frank was icky sick). Jan and sibs and Dad did an awesome job! Great photos too.

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