Taking some time off and new Facebook page!

I love summer and I love that my kids are home with me!! I feel like the summer just started and can’t believe it’s already the end of June! I wanted to remind everyone that I’m taking time off during the months of July and August to focus on my kids since June was busier than I had planned. Photography is my part time business (even though I love it full time) and I try very hard to keep my family first. Growing up my precious mom had her own interior design business and she took off during the summer months to be with my brother and me, so I guess in a way I’m just paying that forward. I will still be posting sessions I have not yet finished processing and anything I find myself shooting for fun, so keep in touch.  If you know you want a session in the fall, go ahead and book early by shooting me an email at heather@heatherdurhamphotography.com. I’ll be taking appointments starting mid August for sessions starting in September. In the meantime keep in touch through my blog and Facebook posts. Yes, in addition to my personal Facebook page I finally set up a Facebook page for my business! It’s a little sparse now, because I just set it up tonight and now I’m about to take off for two months, but check it out!


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