My first wedding shoot!

I’ve sworn up and down that I’ll never do weddings… #1 because I know I will love it and be obsessed with the fun of shooting them and #2 because of the time I would have to spend away from my family on the weekends. However, I said “yes” when Emily Kicklighter asked me to be a second shooter at a wedding last weekend. I had always craved the experience and just like I thought I would…I loved it! I love the challenges of all the different lighting situations and I love capturing the moments that help tell the story of the day. A second shooter is (and I quote Neil Van Kierkerk, a New Jersey wedding photographer) “…another professional photographer who works independently, but closely with, the principal/main photographer. A second photographer is there to augment the main photographer’s coverage of the wedding.” A second shooter gets to look for those quiet moments, surprises and details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

It was a privilege to work with Emily Kicklighter because she’s good, she’s quick, she knows what she wants and gets it done — and as a fabulous bonus…she’s fun! I love that! Please check out her work at and pass her name along to anyone you know who is looking for a wedding photographer. I’m so grateful she gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet…and sore after a 6 hour day of shooting! I’m notorious for wearing heels to everything! Lived and learned…won’t be doing that again! 🙂

I’ll only post one image as a tease because Emily has not yet been able to process all of the images from the weekend and get the slideshow up for her clients. I’ll post more at a later date. In the meantime…here’s a shot I took of the mystery bride and groom…

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