My adorable niece and nephew!!!!

I’ve gotten caught up on my client shoots so now I can blog (okay, gush) about my niece and nephew, Andrew and Ella. A few weeks ago I did their 6 and 3 year portraits at BBG. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a lot of fun together. I love being with my sister (in law) Nikki and our kids adore each other! It’s so much fun to have girls 18 months apart and boys 1 year apart. The cousins are going to grow up being best buds!  How beautiful are my brother’s kiddos!…I told you I was going to gush…

A bride was there getting her portraits taken and Ella was mesmorized, so the bride handed her the flowers to hold for a moment…

We had to ask Andrew how old he was because he just had a birthday!!

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  1. Sandee Avatar

    How on earth are Nikki and Mark going to choose… the photos are awesome… great work again, Heather! And you should gush; your right, they are beautiful!!!

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