A Water Lily for Olivia

I’ve been out of town celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary. Now, it’s back to reality so I can appreciate and look forward to the next getaway!  🙂

My daughter had been studying water lilies in art class at the end of the school year. She was fascinated with them… a direct result of her art teacher making art exciting for her, and I thank Mrs. Kolb for that. A few weeks ago my children and I went to the Botanical Gardens together to photograph my son and play. The first thing Olivia wanted to do was see if there were any water lilies in the pond, which there were, but they hadn’t bloomed yet. She had brought along her camera (my old D70) so she snapped a few shots. A week or so ago my children went back with me to photograph a friend’s children. Again, the first thing Olivia wanted to do was check the water lilies. To her great excitement they had bloomed, were a beautiful hot pink and reflecting in the dark water! She had left her camera, so she asked me to take a picture of it. I thought I would share it with you.

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