Ellie and Anne Barrett

I’m a little behind again on posting images. I have had lots of sessions and lots of processing to be done all at once. With the kids out of school now it takes me a little longer to get them done and posted! I also went to a photography workshop in Atlanta last Friday which kept me away from the computer all day. The workshop was fantastic!! I always enjoy going to conferences and workshops, networking with other photographers and learning new skills! I come back so excited and ready to use what I’ve learned!

Now let me share a session… I photographed Ellie when she was a baby and now she is a big sister to Anne Barrett! Their parents, Ashley and Justin, drive up from Tuscaloosa for me to photograph their children. What a privilege for me! This time the grandparents came along to help as well. It had rained off and on that day and remained a dreary afternoon. It looked like it was going to rain again any minute so we had to work fast! I did not want them to have to drive back to Tuscaloosa and come back for a rescheduled session! So we went to work at making it happen before the rain!

What a super sweet family and their girls have the most beautiful blue eyes! I know you will think so too…

2 thoughts on “Ellie and Anne Barrett

  1. The pictures of Ellie and Anne Barrett are just great. I think they are beautiful girls but I am the grandmother – duh! You really did some great work in a relatively short period of time and I can see that making choices is going to be a hard task. Thanks for making that all happen on Saturday inspite of the treatening weather.

    Linda “Nana” Davis

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