Yesterday I photographed my good friend Lauren’s daughter, Caroline. I have taken portraits of all three of Lauren’s beautiful girls, and it was time for her youngest, Caroline, to get a large hand tint to match her sisters’ on the wall. It’s always a joy for me to photograph Lauren’s girls, because she and I get to catch up since we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. Plus, her oldest daughter Bennett and my daughter have been friends since they were about 3 months old. Anyway, that’s the history, so now I’ll share some of the photos from our session. Lauren and I cracked up because Caroline was wanting to please us so badly that she was giving us this really forced smile. We told her not to worry about smiling and she thought we were tricking her so she smiled even harder! It was really funny. But Lauren and I persevered and were finally silly enough to get the real ones! I know I’m posting a lot, but I just couldn’t narrow it down! The first one I have to share in three different colorations because I can’t decide which way I like it the best. She just looks so beautiful in it!

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  1. Heather…
    If I get a vote, the first picture “in color” catches it all – the others are good but seeing her eyes sparkle and her skin and hair glow in the color is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful child.

    Great job, Heather, and happy you had fun with your friend.

    Hugs to Olivia and Luke,
    Love, Sandee

  2. heather……omg! caroline is beautiful and you are so talented! to get that many great shots of our caroline takes love and skill. they made me tear up. thanks sweetie…..honey

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