Tip: Window Light

I haven’t posted any tips lately. So tonight, instead of posting session images, I decided I would post a tip for all of you moms out there trying to capture the perfect light on your children’s beautiful faces. Turn OFF your flash indoors and use window light. Simply put, it’s just soft, beautiful and moody. Window glass is a natural filter for the light streaming indirectly into a room. A good rule of thumb for which part of the day is best to use it is if you don’t see harsh shadows on the floor, then it’s perfect! In addition to window light, open your front door or garage door and go out on a screened or covered porch. You will be amazed at the quality of light that will fall on your child. Try to avoid direct overhead light of any kind. Light coming in from the sides is much more flattering. (This is also true for flash. Much better to bounce the the flash off a side wall.)

Place your child in front of the window or at the edge of the window with his/her shoulder to the window. Have him or her look out the window and you will capture those big soft catch lights in the eyes.

I’m including a few sample shots I could grab quickly for you to see. Give it a try…I think you will love the results! Have fun shooting!

This image was shot using light streaming in from a window located camera left.

A triple window, located camera right, was my light source for this image. Notice the large catch lights in her eyes in the shape of the window.

Opened the barn doors to get this beautiful light.

The next several infant shots below were taken in front of a triple window in the late morning.

This shot was taken on my screened porch. Notice most of the light is coming from camera left filtered through the screens of the porch.

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