Carson is turning one and NEW! vintage color option

Carson is turning one and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I photographed him as a newborn for his birth announcements. He’s such a cutie with those curls in his hair! He wasn’t quite standing or walking on his own, so we found everything we could for him to prop or hang on to. He did great and gave us big smiles.

I had a blast from the past at this session because Carson crawls just like my daughter did…the one arm scoot! My daughter never crawled on all fours, so I got a big kick out of seeing another child do the same thing! When he crawled, he put his favorite blanket in his mouth so it wouldn’t get away from him. He even gave us some grins behind the blanket. 🙂 We had a good time, but there was so much pollen yesterday that by the end of the shoot we were all covered in a yellowish green film! Even my camera had a greenish tint! And speaking of tints…

I am offering a new color option for all paper choices — Vintage Color. It doesn’t replace a hand tinted piece, but offers you a similar look for a little less money. I have done some of Carson’s images in Vintage Color so you can see how it looks. I hope you’ll agree that it’s a welcome addition to my current offerings.

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