Shooting in the rain!

It was time again to photograph one of my dearest friend’s precious children — Mary Virginia and Anne Louise, and their new little brother Tucker! There were scattered showers all day long on Saturday, but the sun kept popping in and out, so Mandy and I took a chance and didn’t cancel the session. However, the further we got into the gardens the darker the sky looked and the temperature turned cooler. It rained most of our session and the kids were a little chilly, but they were such troopers and cooperated so well! Thank goodness for the covered pavilion at Aldridge Gardens! It saved the day!

One thought

  1. Heather once again you have captured my three grandchildren. They are radiant and now I have the tough task of choosing. mandy says that you can make suggestions because you can scrutinize them objectively. To me there all desireable. Please send me the information I need to re: prices and online ordering. Thank you for giving us so many blessed moments in the lives of Grammy’s sweet ones. Theresa Aday

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