My Soundtrack

I always enjoy choosing the slideshow song for each client’s session. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life, don’t you think? Anything put to music is just better! If we could rewind and watch “A Normal Day in the Life of _________” filled with routine tasks, but set to the perfect music for each event, chore and errand, our days would be much more interesting and exciting…just like in the movies! Which reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “The Holiday”. Jack Black plays a composer whose love interest is Kate Winslet. In one scene of the movie they make up little songs to go with their personalities. If you haven’t seen that movie, you must put it on your list of ones to watch! 🙂

Whenever I’m editing a client’s images after a shoot or hand tinting, I always listen to a music playlist. It’s usually mellow and relaxing so I can take my time and enjoy the process. So I thought I would share it with you. It’s just what I’ve been in the mood for lately…random as usual…and changes frequently.  Check this one out on iTunes!

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