John Mayer Concert

My husband surprised me with tickets to John Mayer for an early Valentine’s date. I don’t usually bring along my camera on date nights, but this time I did. I snuck it in the concert in my purse. They allow point and shoot cameras and phone cameras but not SLRs. That’s just not equal opportunity! I was able to get a few decent shots in before event security confiscated my camera to guest services until the end of the concert. It was worth being scolded for a few good shots, just wish I had had a longer lens with me. 🙂

The lighting was challenging because Mayer was overhead lit, straight ahead lit and back lit with a huge video screen behind him. I didn’t use flash, just available light, used my in camera spot meter, cranked up my ISO and starting shooting. He is an incredibly talented musician and it was a great concert!  Maybe next time I can get a little closer ticket or a little longer lens!

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