New and Improved Website!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, January and February are the months I take time to regroup, revise and reorganize. Over the past few weeks I have pulled some really late nights revamping my website. Now when you log on to my website, you will see a splash screen allowing you to choose the Flash site or the HTML site. I’ve added the HTML version for those of us who live on our iPhones and Blackberries…and for the folks out there who still have enough patience to wait on dial up! Choose Flash unless you are using a handheld device or dial up. It’s a more dynamic version. The thing I am most excited about is that the images are larger, allowing you to see more detail. I hope you’ll agree it is an exciting change.

Another feature I am thrilled about is the Client Viewing and Slide Show section for proofing and purchasing. It is much more user friendly than the old site. I will blog more about it later since I am still setting it up and learning about all of the new features. 🙂

I hope you will log onto the new site, browse around and send me comments. I’m sure you will recognize a few of the precious children featured.:)

Looking forward to spring and warm weather!


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