Getting Ready for Spring!

Hello All,

I know I have been out of touch since right before Christmas. After the holidays, I take a deep sigh and go into “hiding” until about the end of February! January and most of February are slow months due to the weather and everyone recovering from the holidays. So, I use this time to do taxes (YUK!), backup maintenance, reorder supplies and all of that boring stuff. So, although I’m out of touch, I’m gearing up for spring.

I love spring! I love it because everything starts blooming. I love it because it means it’s time for me to go to Collier’s, pick out my flowers and start planting in my window box and pots! I love it because it means I can run outside! I love it because I can take my kids to the park! I love it because it means school will be out in just a few months and my kiddos can be home with me!

In the meantime, I’ll be anticipating spring sessions and getting to see your precious children again. As most of you know, I still take a limited number of sessions each month to be available to my young children and not be too busy to enjoy them. So, shoot me an email in advance when you are ready to book a session.

I’ll end this blog with an image I shot while I was taking photography classes years and years ago. It’s a shot of one of my very favorite places — Seaside, Florida. This image ended up being published on the cover of Executive Traveler magazine and reprinted for Seaside’s Group Sales advertising brochure. I was thrilled! However, I like the shot right about now because it just makes me long to be in one of those chairs, with my husband right next to me in the other one!

Ready for warm weather!


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