Amazing Grace

I always photograph people. I don’t usually photograph objects. Last summer my husband’s best friend got married  in a quaint little church building that is picture perfect. It has such a “Cottage Living” feel to it with it’s picket fence, white wood and arched windows.  The wedding started in the afternoon, but when they left for their honeymoon is was dark. My husband, daughter and I were in the wedding, so we stayed until the end to see them off. I went back inside to gather my things and as I was walking to the car I noticed how incredibly lovely the church was at night with its glowing light and dark shadows. I don’t usually carry my tripod around in my car, but as I opened the back, there it was! I was late to meet the wedding party for coffee because I was so excited to get some shots of it’s amazing grace and beauty at night. Thought I would share a couple with you.

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